lundi 4 novembre 2013

How to get easy money online

Earn money quickly with Neobux

Hello, you want to make money on internet? Well you are at the right place!

I'll show you how you can make a lot of money on the internet through the website PTC (Paid To Click). The procedure is very simple and you can win a lot of money by taking the right technique.

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Above all, we must take this site as a game because more you stay on the site longer and more you will make money.

Registration :
First, you must create a free account on Neobux If you do not hold a Paypal, AlertPay or Neteller account, you need to create one for your winnings. It will necessarily indicate a valid email address as an activation code will be sent to confirm your registration.

Way to earn money :

1. Clicking :
Neobux is primarily a PTC (Pay To Click). So every day by clicking on the advertising pages you will get your first earnings. Caution these gains appear ridiculous in the beginning, know that Neobux does not become rich overnight and only regularity will pay for you.

2. Referrals :
With this method you would earn the most money in the long run. Neobux can rent referrals, you earn commissions on clicks that are your referrals daily. In upgrading your account you can increase these fees.

3. The tasks (Mini-jobs, Neocoin and Neopoint) :
These offers are for example registration among partners, contest entries, etc. ... It can give you money, Neopoints or Neocoins.

4. Adprizes :
The Adprize is a small game that you can win up to $ 50 or Golden membership. Each advertising seen, you gain 3 clicks Adprize. It's good way to help you at the beginning

Note :
You should know that most beginners often make the same mistake, they buy from the start up the maximum of referrals (you Neobux rented referrals that click for you, is real people like you and I ), and do not leave enough money in their account to renew the rented referrals, then once the end of the lease comes they lose rented referrals because they don't have enough money on their NeoBux account and they fall back to the starting point.

Strategy :
There are two strategies, with investment and without investment.

Without investment
The goal is to reach $ 4, it will then transfer your main balance to your rental balance (the balance of lease will allow you to rent referrals) not made ​​the mistake of renting 3 referrals as soon as you to $ 0.60. With your $ 4 you will have enough money to recycle your referrals if they are not active, and increase their rental period (I suggest you extend the lease for 240 days to enjoy the 30% discount).

Continue to rent 3 referrals when you can. You will be able to rent more referrals As for the gains will multiply quickly. Keep in mind the need to keep 33% of your rental balance after rent referrals to be able to manage (recycling, extension of the lease period). When you reach 300 referrals, you have to manage the referrals in order to achieve $ 100 and get the Golden status. This will cost you $ 90, once it acquired the status of your referrals clicks will bring you twice.

With investment
Investing money on neobux will give you money much faster, simply add money to your rental balance and rent referrals packs of 10, 20 or even 100.
Once reached 300 referrals, it will acquire the GOLDEN pack.

With 300 referrals and golden pack whenever your average daily click referrals exceed 0.56, you will be profit.

Mini-jobs :
They just help you to make money and it's credit to your main balance.

Neopoints :
They are used to extend the rented referrals, referrals recycle or buy the golden pack

Neocoins :
You can trade against money (1000 neocoins = $ 1)

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